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Puget Sound Tree Care is a professional, family owned and operated full-service tree company. We have over 40 years of experience in the Puget Sound area and take pride in providing personalized tree care to our customers including tree removal, tree trimming and stump grinding. We guarantee customer satisfaction as well as a clean, safe working environment. Puget Sound Tree Care serves North Puget Sound and Camano Island.

PSTC is Licensed, bonded and insured (lic#PUGETST892BU). We have 2 full time ISA certified arborists on staff. Our employees work diligently to ensure that our customers’ needs are met to the fullest. Read more about us…

Our Services
Tree Removal

When necessary, we can safely & efficiently remove any unwanted trees from your property…See More

Tree Trimming

We handle all aspects of tree trimming, including limbing from the bottom up to improve your view…See More

Stump Grinding

If you have a stump that is causing a problem…See More

View Clearing

We live in an area with great natural beauty, but tree growth can obstruct desired views…See More

Danger Trees & Emergency Response

If you’re worried one of your trees may be a risk…See More

Tree Risk Assessments & Evaluations

Our ISA-Certified Arborists can give you an accurate…See More

Arborist Chips

We are happy to offer FREE woodchips for those who request them. Woodchips can be used for many different purposes including flower beds…See More

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PSTC is Licensed, bonded and insured. License #PUGETST892BU ISA Certified Arborist TRAQ #PN-8108A

Arborist Chips Puget Sound Tree Service offers free woodchips. Contact us if you would like to request free woodchips. Give us a call (360-387-0243) or send us an email to be added to our chip list.

We service the entire North Puget Sound region which includes North Snohomish County, Skagit County and Camano Island.

Arlington, Bryant, Burlington, Camano Island, Conway, Lake Goodwin, Lake Ketchum, Lake Stevens, Marysville, Mount Vernon, Silvana, Smokey Point, Stanwood, Tulalip, 7 Lakes Area