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Puget Sound Tree Care is a professional, family owned and operated full service tree company. We have over 40 years of experience in the Puget Sound area and take pride in providing personalized tree care to our customers including tree removal, tree trimming and stump grinding. We guarantee customer satisfaction as well as a clean, safe working environment. Puget Sound Tree Care serves North Puget Sound and Camano Island.

PSTC is Licensed, bonded and insured (lic#PUGETST892BU). We have 2 full time ISA certified arborists on staff. Our employees work diligently to ensure that our customers needs are met to the fullest.

About Us

Puget Sound Tree Care is owned and managed by Jim Fay, an ISA Arborist and Risk Assessor. Jim comes from a family that has been involved in the tree business for over 100 years. Jim started out in the tree industry as a 4th generation logger and timber cutter. With well over 40 years of hands on experience, Jim has developed an appreciation and knowledge for the value of healthy trees and the possible consequences of unhealthy trees. Jim and his crew are experienced, hardworking and approachable. See Jim’s ISA certification

Our Services

Tree Removal
We can remove a tree professionally and safely, regardless of the size or location of the tree.
View Clearing
We live in an area with great natural beauty but tree growth can obstruct desired views of the sound, lakes and mountains. View clearing removes unwanted trees and shrubs from your bluff or inland property that impedes your view.  View trimming involves selective trimming, and crown reduction methods that still maintain the integrity of the trees.
ISA Certified Arborist and Tree Risk Assessment
We offer homeowners and developers Certified Hazard Tree Assessments performed by an ISA Certified Arborist and Risk Assessor. All city and county planning departments as well as personal/homeowner Insurance agencies accept these assessments.
Crown Raising
The removal of lower branches is a method of pruning to provide clearance for buildings, vehicles, pedestrians, and vistas. It can also make your yard look less cluttered, improving the curb appeal of your home.
stump grinding
Stump grinding is a process in which a machine with a large cutting wheel grinds the stump to approximately 6”-10” inches below grade. In some circumstances the structure and location of the stump may dictate the depth of the grind.
Logging Residential and Private Acreage
We have over 40 years experience in the logging business. We can harvest merchantable timber from both residential and privately owned land. We will be happy to give you a no cost estimate as to the value of your trees.
Tree trimming and pruning
When we prune and trim trees we follow strict ISA tree pruning guidelines to improve the tree’s health and enhance its structure.
Danger Trees - Emergency Response
Puget Sound Tree Care is available 24/7 to respond should a tree or large limb fall or threaten to fall on your home or property. If you have a dead or dying tree that is hazardous, we have the experience to handle the problem safely.

For emergency services call 360-387-0243

Arborist Chips
Puget Sound Tree Care offers free woodchips.  Woodchips can be used for many different purposes including flowerbeds and areas where you would like to keep weeds to a minimum.

The woodchips come from our daily tree trimming and removals and may contain several different tree species.  We will deliver a full truckload to you that contains 15-20 yards of chips and you will be asked to describe where you would like us to leave the woodchips; our trucks must be able to have access to your designated spot.  We generally deliver to the address closest to our jobsite.

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Jim Fay
Puget Sound Tree Care, LLC

PSTC is Licensed, bonded and insured.
License #: PUGETST892BU
ISA Certified Arborist (PN-6726A)
ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor

Arborist Chips
Puget Sound Tree Service offers free woodchips. Contact us if you would like to request free woodchips. Call 360-387-0243, email or submit a free estimate form to the left.

We service the entire North Puget Sound region which includes north King County, Snohomish County, Skagit County and Camano Island.

Arlington, Bothell, Burlington, Camano Island, Darrington, Edmonds, Everett, Granite Falls, La Connor, Lake Stevens, Lynnwood, Marysville, Mill Creek, Mount Vernon, Mukilteo, Sedro Woolley, Smokey Point, Snohomish, Stanwood