8 Species of Trees That are Great for Your Yard

There is nothing that can tie a backyard together like a tree. If you’re in Washington and looking for a tree for your garden – this is the article for you. Our green giant friends aren’t only beautiful; trees are good for the environment. 

If you want to save trees by planting one in your yard, you’ll be doing your part to protect the environment, give yourself the shade, or even grow some fruit! Below, we’re going to discuss the eight best tree species for your Washington backyard.

1. Emerald Green Arborvitae

If you’re looking for a relatively space-conscious tree for your backyard, this stunning conifer evergreen tree will fit the bill. It grows in a pyramid-like shape and is relatively narrow – making it an ideal option for your backyard. While it might not make the best shade, it is going to transform your garden. 

That is an evergreen tree, and it’s dimensions make it an ideal option for a living privacy screen, windbreaker, or merely a decoration. It’s a robust tree and doesn’t require constant professional tree care to survive and thrive in your Washington home. 

2. Weeping Willow

The weeping willow tree might be one of the most mythical, beautiful, and entrancing trees. The best part? It can grow in your backyard, provided that you have space for it. It’s quite a large tree and needs its space. 

Another exciting aspect of this tree is that it is one of the fastest-growing trees out there. It requires next to no timber tree service due to its natural parasite, disease, and environmental factor resistance.

3. Thundercloud Plum

The Thundercloud plum is a stunning option for your Washington backyard. It has a distinct purple crown, further complimented by thick, gorgeous, purple leaves, making it a popular landscape ornamental tree option. It also spreads upright, giving it a unique look. It’s not like the willow, only growing up to 15-25 feet tall. 

These trees have fruit, but their fruit is nothing like the purple plums you’re used to eating. You can eat the fruit from these trees, and there are many recipes online that feature them. The Thundercloud plum is an ideal option if you want to make your backyard unique while being space aware.

4. Japanese Red Pine

This stunning evergreen coniferous tree is extremely popular in Japan and can also be grown in Washington without any problems. If you’ve ever wondered which trees have something akin to floors, the Japanese red pine is the tree.

A remarkable thing about this tree is that its needles take a yellowish color in the winter. It’s a stunning ornamental tree option if you’re looking to give your backyard a traditional, oriental, eastern vibe.

5. Empress Tree

The Empress tree is one of the best exotic options for your backyard, period. Its purple flowers, green crown, and dark trunk can transform any garden from a yard to a Far East piece of paradise. This tree also grows remarkably fast and has an interesting history in the USA. 

The empress tree is also highly resistant to pollution and relatively weak soil types, meaning it will persist through the harsh climate without any special tree care. You won’t need frequent tree care services if you go for this stunning, fast-growing, purple goddess-giant. 

6. Eastern White Pine Tree

The Eastern White Pine isn’t merely a tree – it’s a goliath native to eastern North America known for its versatility. Unlike the previous two additions on this list, it’s not exotic – it’s all American. Its crown is thick, lush, and filled with needles and pine cones. 

You’ve seen this tree more than once as long as you live in North America. It’s renowned for its resistance against the elements, and it’s persistence in most climates and soils. The Eastern White Pine is a huge tree, so make sure you have space for it before planting it. 

7. Pacific Yew

The Pacific Yew is another all American tree, this time from the conifer family. It’s a medium-sized evergreen tree with distinct red berries and thick, soft needles. While this is a superb option, it’s nowhere as resilient as the other options.

If you’re thinking of growing this beauty, you might seek Washington tree experts to cultivate it. As this tree is prone to illness and rotting from the inside, soliciting tree care professionals is inevitable. 

8. Sweet Cherry Tree

We’re going to end this list the most American way possible. Unlike George Washington, you don’t have to cut down a cherry tree in your Washington home. Instead, you can consider planting the Sweet Cherry Tree. 

A stunning, voluptuous, and gorgeous cherry tree in your backyard is as American as freedom or apple pie. You’ll be delighted to know that it can grow up to a whopping 105 feet. Before you plant this white-flowered beauty in your backyard, make sure you have enough space for it. 

Tree Care | The Basics

All trees on this list are gorgeous, and we’ve listed enough options to cover all types of backyards – no matter the size.

While some trees like the Eastern White Pine and Weeping Willow might require minimal tree care, other options like the Pacific Yew will be far needier. 

To help you know what needs to be done, always remember to:

  • Water your trees according to their unique requirements
  • Protect them from parasites, diseases, and rough weather
  • Care for your trees intensively while they’re small and delicate
  • Give them enough space to grow and thrive
  • Mulch them if they require it
  • Trim them when they need trimming
  • Contact a professional timber tree care service if it gets sick

Final Thoughts

Trees are useful, beautiful, and beneficial to your backyard. Besides having a gentle green giant friend, you might get a shade, fruit, or a sound/screen/or wind barrier. 

There are more benefits of planting a tree than you might think – so remember to make your backyard that much better today!

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