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Tree Care: Why You Need to Take It Seriously

You know the old saying: trees are Earth’s lungs. Even though the statement is a bit cliché at this point, it still rings true. Just one tree in your yard can help you and your partner live healthier for a year. As Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. explains, a single tree absorbs enough carbon dioxide and releases enough oxygen to keep two full-grown human beings alive for an entire year. That’s the power of trees and why you need to take tree care seriously.

Why Should You Take Care of Trees?

While some people think trimming is only meant for Christmas trees, that can be further from the truth. Having your trees trimmed and pruned from time to time is essential for the look of your yard and the health of your greenery. Here are a few additional reasons to take care of the trees around your home:

1. Trees Keep You Healthy

Tree care and gardening have numerous health benefits as well. For instance, a meta-analysis of 76 studies of gardening and tree care published in 2017 revealed that people who spend more time gardening and taking care of plants experience less depression, no anxiety, and a better BMI.

2. Less Sound and Noise Pollution

People living in urban areas know just how loud the cars, pedestrians, and cities as a whole can be. But you can noticeably cut down the noise in your home by keeping a few trees around your home orderly. A tactically planted group of threes can cut down noise pollution by a staggering 10 decibels.

3. Reduce the “Heat Island Effect”

The “Heat Island Effect” is used to explain urban areas that are hotter than nearby rural areas due to high levels of air pollutants like ozone. Vegetation – especially trees – can help you reduce the “Heat Island Effect” in your area. You can find information on how trees can reduce the effect, on the EPA site.  

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Why Is Tree Trimming So Important?

Doing some much-needed landscaping will not only enhance the natural beauty of trees around your property, but it can also have some real-world effects you might’ve not even considered before. Here are three reasons why you should make a conscious effort to trim your trees on a regular occasion.

1. Tree Health

Without regular trimming, your trees will become weak. As they become weaker, they will get sick, and there’s a chance they’ll infect other trees nearby. You need to prune the trees regularly to prevent this.

2. Property Price

A good-looking yard can also increase the price of your property if you decide to sell it at one point. Trees are more impactful than you know. A single tree can increase the value of a property by more than $7,000.

3. Property Safety

Having “dead” trees on your property can even damage your home. For instance, a heavy branch can fall off a tree during a strong storm and destroy a window or even injure a person inside your home.

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Tree Care Tips for Your Property

As we established, well-groomed trees can have a positive impact on your health, boost the price of your property, even keep you safe. Now, you should know what you need to do to keep the trees looking lush. Here are three tree care tips that will keep everything looking perfect.

1. Start Landscaping Early

Certain people will tell you that the best time to start landscaping around your home is at the start of spring, during the first few weeks of April. However, you should start as early as October. This will make spring landscaping more fun and rewarding for everyone involved in it. This is what you need to do:

  • Make sure that all of the wild branches are trimmed
  • Check to see whether your trees healthy or not
  • Call a professional landscaper if the trees are not healthy
  • Consider planting new trees in early spring next year

A good, healthy tree doesn’t have a ton of loose branches on it or a termite nest living in it. Perfectly healthy trees will keep your home safe and prevent any possible damage to it.

2. Observe Diseased Trees

Trees are living organisms. We’re all aware of that. However, what some people fail to understand, or simply fail to give much thought to, is the fact that trees just like any other living organisms can get sick. In fact, there are over 30 common diseases that infect trees in the United States.

One way to help your trees avoid all of these diseases is to keep them trimmed on a regular basis. Your trees can be diseased without you even noticing it. Branch trimming by a professional arborist may be able to prevent the disease from spreading and destroying the rest of your tree.

3. Prune and Mulch You Trees

Even though hiring a professional will make your life a lot easier, it doesn’t mean you should completely stop taking care of your trees on your own. Every week, you should put some mulch around the base of your trees to protect them from over-fertilizing. Pruning the trees from time to time is also a must.

When should you prune your trees? You can even start in the winter. This is called dormant pruning. The process gives the tree enough time to heal before the spring starts. Also, it’s much easier to do it in the winter, without having leaves from other branches obscuring the rest of the tree.

Plant the Right Trees on Your Property

As a homeowner, you have a responsibility to ensure that all parts of your property are taken care of and as a human being, you have a responsibility to your children to keep this planet in good shape. We realize that keeping the trees in order can be a hard job. That’s why you should seek professional help.

Some people simply need a professional tree care service to keep their yard looking sharp all year long. A proficient company will keep all of your trees trimmed, pruned, and mulched at a reasonable price. Even if your trees are in bad condition, they will start looking better after just a few visits.

We hope you found our article helpful and enjoyable. Do you have trees on your property? Do you take good care of them? Get in touch for a no-obligation chat about your needs and get a free estimate today.

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