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What Does an Arborist Do?

If you own a piece of property that has trees growing on it, chances are high that you need the services of a professional arborist. Highly skilled in the art and science of professional tree care, the job of an arborist is to care for, maintain, plant, and if needed, remove individual trees. This is done to correct the condition of trees in a household or commercial property thereby improving its monetary and aesthetic value.

An overgrown tree with long and contorted branches can pose a risk to a property and its inhabitants. So can a tree with vermin infestation. The problem can even be stunted growth of a tree or the need to remove one in preparation for a storm. In such cases, a certified arborist does a preliminary survey of all the trees in a property and its surroundings and provides expert advice.

If you have been recommended to hire an arborist and are willing to learn what one can do for you, here’s a quick guide.

What Does an Arborist Do?

This is a list of the primary services a certified arborist is skilled to perform:

  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Tree removal and stump grinding
  • Tree risk assessment and solutions
  • Emergency tree care response
  • Tree planting
  • Logging

Some more information about the most common arboricultural activities can be found below.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

In most cases, it is wise to leave a tree alone with its growth. But what can you do if a willow or a shade tree happens to grow wildly and meddle with the fencing and/or cabling of your residential property? Then the wise thing to do is to approach an arborist and assign them the job of tree trimming. In such a situation, they will assess the tree and its growth and provide advice. They also possess requisite tools and methodologies to do such activities efficiently, safely, and responsibly.

Pruning the branches of a growing tree can help improve its health and overall condition. And it is better to assign the task to a tree care professional rather than taking it up on your own.

arborist doing work
An arborist doing his work / credit Creative Commons via Flickr

The same goes for tasks that involve clearing a view in your yard (especially in and around Puget Sound) and crown raising. An arborist will also make sure that they follow the strict International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) guidelines while performing these activities.

Tree Removal

Removing a tree is the last resort in the art of tree care and maintenance, but in some cases, it may be warranted. The reason can be anything: a dead tree fouling up the view of your yard, an oak obstructing a passage, or a poorly planted tree hindering the growth of other plants and trees in the vicinity.

arborist using chainsaw
Using a chainsaw to cut hazardous branches

But when tree removal looks like the only option, it should be executed only by a trained arborist. They can remove a tree safely and professionally without disturbing the nearby areas and regardless of its size and location. If you are willing, the removed tree can also be planted at another location in your property where there is more scope for it to grow freely.

Tree Risk Assessment

In some cases, you may not be able to assess a tree’s growth or condition just by looking at it. A more thorough examination may be required. And that is where an arborist can help you with an appropriate solution.

Things like vermin infestation, parasitic growth, and disease-spreading trunks need immediate action. The only way to solve such issues is to hire a certified arboriculturist, as they are sometimes known by.

Emergency Tree Care Services

Earlier we talked about getting rid of a tree that can potentially damage your property in case of a storm. Such scenarios are very common in the United States, especially in and around inlets like Puget Sound, Camano Island, and Alder Creek in the Pacific Northwest. To avoid trees from posing a risk to your life or property, it is best to take care of them beforehand.

emergency tree removal
Avoid such damage by hiring an arborist today

A reliable arborist can be depended upon during such emergencies. We at Puget Sound Tree Care take extra care to respond to such exigencies through our strong team of able arborists available around the clock. (If you are reading this and in need of emergency tree care in and around Puget Sound, dial 360-387-0243 now.)

More Things an Arborist Can Do for You

An arborist can also execute logging, planting, providing woodchips for landscaping or weed control, and other consultation services. It is safe to say that if an issue revolves around a tree, it can be fixed by an arborist.

An arborist is trained to provide professional tree care which is usually associated with a high level of difficulty and danger. Therefore, it is always better to check if the individual you are hiring is certified by a noted arboriculture organization such as ISA, American Society of Consulting Arborist (ASCA), and National Arborist Association (NAA).

The role of an arborist in an American household, or any property for that matter, is akin to that of a serviceman. It is a matter of ‘when’ and ‘how’ rather than ‘if’.

Need to do a quick survey of your property to see if it needs professional tree care? Live near the Puget Sound in the state of Washington? Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

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