Puget Sound Tree Care Customer Reviews

"Puget Sound Tree Care removed a western white pine in our backyard.  It went very well. They arrived as scheduled, in fact a bit early. When they gave us our bid, Jim said it would take 1.5 hours. They were done in 45 minutes. They cut the wood into 16" lengths as planned. The rounds were in a neat pile around the stump. All the limbs were removed. No mess remained when they were done. No damage was done to the adjacent shed or plants. They did a great job."
L. Donovan

Puget Sound Tree Care cut down 2 cedars (approx. 40ft tall), and 4 firs (approx. 50-70 ft. tall). They chipped up all the branches, cut up the wood, and hauled everything away. Then all the stumps + one existing stump were ground to below grade.

Since their work schedule was quite busy, we had to wait a month to get scheduled. But as promised, Jim and his crew showed up promptly at 8:00 and got to work. And boy did they work! The entire job took less than 6 hours. Everybody was very friendly, and were more than happy to answer any questions that we had. They took care to avoid damage to the property, even keeping a screen up during the stump grinding so that no rocks were sent flying towards the house. And considering all the debris that this job created, they did a good job of clean up at the end.

A month after this work was done, we realized that there were 3 more firs that needed to come down. In less than 2 hours, Jim and the guys had everything cut up and hauled away. Another good experience! 
G. Bradbury

Puget Sound Tree Care did a complete overhaul on a huge huge hedge. Did a great job! Cleaned up all branches, leaves etc.  Worked non-stop. Would recommend to anyone looking for tree service.
C & J Carter

Five days after presenting us with a bid substantially lower than any we had received, Puget Sound Tree Care removed 2 medium trees, several smaller trees, and several shrubs, from a neglected, overgrown portion of our property. The owner and his employees were without exception professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and very friendly. We were amazed at the outstanding job.  We highly recommend this company.
M. Fielding

Puget Sound Tree Care pruned a very, very overgrown hedge, cut tree limbs and all the dead branches from the lower portion of about ten additional trees.

These guys are terrific!  I couldn't believe how quickly they worked, and then chipped all the branches, etc.  Great clean up.  I have some more yard work to be done and plan on using them again.  Initially, got three bids, one quite high and a second comparable to Puget Sound Tree Care.  All the crew was very professional.  And, as they were leaving, all thanked me for my business.  That doesn't happen very often...
E. Dalton

We had Puget Sound Tree Care consult with us to assess the tree health on our property, which trees would thrive in our soil and climate and a 2nd opinion on the advisability of removing a row of trees along the roadway.  PSTC service was excellent.  They are professional, and service oriented (even came out on a Sunday).  I have consulted with a few on our landscaping and trees and occasionally you run into someone who really seems to know their stuff from a gut level...Jim with Puget Sound Tree Care is just such a person.  From a lineage of loggers (fourth generation) and an arborist, he knows trees.  He immediately spotted issues with our trees and knew how they got that way.  He offered sound advice, which I am implementing.    When I offered to pay him, he refused and said it was part of his service.  As we are on Whidbey Island it is too far for his crew to travel for small jobs but I will call him first when our project is of sufficient size hopefully to make it worth the trip.
J. Douglass

Puget Sound Tree Care cut down and removed two trees in our front yard, which had become problematic with roots breaking up our brick walls and asphalt driveway.

These guys do a great job. They have done excellent work for us in the past and we will definitely call on them again. The owner is very professional, conscientious and efficient. He gave us a competitive bid, showed up ahead of time and completed the work himself with one of his crew within an hour. They had the trees cut, chipped and the area cleaned up looking better than it did before they came. We had flowers, shrubs and a lamppost right under the trees, which came out of it untouched. They even cut the trunks into nice-size rounds for us to use for firewood. We hated to see our trees go, but the place looks so much better now thanks to Puget Sound Tree Care.
D. Sweeney

Puget Sound Tree Care removed four large trees on our residential property. I obtained three bids prior to making my selection. The bid was made by the owner who was also present when the work was done. Their price was competitive. All personnel were knowledgeable and professional. The work was completed on time and according to the estimate. A boom truck was brought and used most skillfully to ensure the security of nearby buildings and garden plants. My neighbor was so impressed that he arranged for them to return to perform tree removals on his property at a later date.  I would highly recommend this company.
K. Wilson

Puget Sound Tree Care removed a 60ft dying pine tree from our back yard and trimmed back a large pine tree on the road.  They took the trunk rounds to a pick up area (giving free to someone who needs firewood).  Cleaned up both areas (these are guys after my own heart).
Came exactly on time. They were very efficient and professional. They were prompt, courteous, and pleasant.  No mess to clean up when they were gone, Careful not to have any branches go into our neighbor's yard, Great job!
M. Lee

I had 1 Douglas fir tree in the front yard and 8 close quarter red cedar trees in the back yard.  The tree in the front yard I asked to be cut into firewood rounds. I wanted the 8 trees in the back cut into 20' sections and hauled to a local mill to sell.   I received 6 bids before choosing Puget Sound Tree Care.  I chose Puget Sound Tree Care because of their professionalism, the knowledge, the thoroughness of their bid and honestly their confidence.  Once I decided to hire them and chose a date, they took care of everything. They arranged with Comcast, Frontier and PUD to have our lines dropped.  They arranged the crane service company. They arrange the logging truck. I literally got to sit back and let them do their thing. 

As for the actual work, it is fantastic.  They showed up when they said they'd show up and worked hard all day long.  They had the Douglas fir in the front yard down in less than 4 hours... that is taking all the branches off and cut into firewood rounds and cleaned up.  They worked just as hard on the trees in the back yard. They always cleaned up before they left for the day even if they were coming back the next day.

Needless to say I was extremely nervous about 20' sections of wood being craned over my home, but they made sure to explain the whole process to me before hand.  Never once did he make me feel stupid, paranoid or that any of my questions were ridiculous.

I will be recommending Puget Sound Tree Care to anyone and everyone that needs tree service of any kind.
T. Leeson

Puget Sound Tree Care took out seven Maple trees in back yard, some quite close to the house. Removed an Alder and Hemlock near driveway. Removed many small trees near the house. Cleared the yard of tree remains. Chipped all the wood for use on trails in the yard.

This is the second time Puget Sound Tree Care has done work on our trees. They came on short notice and got the job done promptly in time for the gardeners to start their work. They performed the work as promised and even did more than asked. They gave lots of helpful advice. Other tree service companies came and tried to scare us into expensive tree pruning work that is completely unnecessary. Puget Sound Tree Care is a good, honest company.
C. Mehanian